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The Metro North REB's STEM Strategy


Please note: All of the REB's online STEM resources can be accessed via the drop-down menu under "STEM" on the left hand navigation bar.

STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)-related workforce initiatives rank among the Metro North REB's top priorities. With the goal of serving as a catalyst to generate new interest and partnerships within the Metro North region, the REB is involved in a wide range of STEM initiatives, including:

Metro North Regional STEM Network

In the Fall of 2013, the REB was designated the lead of the 8th Regional STEM Network.  It is comprised of 16 of the REB's 20 Metro North communities, as well as Saugus and Brookline.  As one of eight STEM Networks across the state, the Metro North Regional STEM Network is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education through the STEM Pipeline Fund.  MA STEM Networks are focused on five primary goals:

  1. Increasing student interest in STEM areas;
  2. Increasing student achievement among all PreK–12 students in order to prepare graduates to be civically and college and/or career ready;
  3. Increasing the percentage of skilled educators who teach PreK–16 STEM;
  4. Increasing the percentage of students completing postsecondary degrees or certificates in STEM subjects; and
  5. Aligning STEM degrees and certificate attainment with corresponding opportunities in STEM-related fields to match the state’s workforce needs for a STEM talent pipeline.

Metro North Regional STEM Network Resources

(Note: These resources were presented at the February 28, 2014 STEM Network Meeting)

STEM Pipeline Fund History Presentation

Labor Market Information Presentation

Metro North STEM Education Data

Sector-Focused and Youth STEM Career Pathway Slides

Metro North STEM Partnership

Established in 2010 as a vehicle to prioritize and lead its STEM strategy, the partnership is a consortium of over thirty local industry and education representatives who serve to guide the REB's efforts in supporting effective, sustainable STEM programming throughout the region.  The REB is currently expanding the STEM Partnership as it continues to evolve into the Metro North STEM Network.

STEM Forums

Annually since 2011, the REB has hosted STEM-related forums designed to galvanize business-to-school partnerships, and inspire local youth to pursue STEM-related education and career paths.

STEM Online Resource

The REB has developed an online resource containing information on some of the most effective and well-established STEM-related programs in the region.  Through this effort, the REB supports the creation of business-school partnerships, and provides selected resources and practical information to support those partnerships. Click here to download a one-page overview of the Metro North STEM Resource.

Other efforts include:

  • Cultivating a strong representation from STEM industries on the REB's Board and Youth Council;
  • Collaborating on the development of training curricula, articulation of career ladders, and design of staff development curricula for STEM education; and
  • Working to increase the number of STEM-related summer job and internship opportunities for youth throughout the region.

If you have any questions about the REB's STEM activities, or if you would like to inquire about getting involved, please contact Meelynn Wong,




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