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Beyond Benign
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Organization Description

Driven by the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, a universal sustainable approach to science, Beyond Benign creates tools, opportunities and partnerships to support the implementation of community involvement initiatives, workplace training, cooperative programs and K-12 education resources.

STEM Partnership Summary

K-12 Curriculum and Training: Beyond Benign offers K-12 Curriculum and Training programs lesson plans, curriculum materials and training opportunities for K-12 educators. These resources and programs are designed to support the inclusion of Green Chemistry concepts in science, while adhering to State and National teaching standards. The teaching materials, which have been developed by educators at Beyond Benign in collaboration with science teachers, address the areas of green chemistry, mathematics, engineering and biotechnology. Lesson plans are available for download free-of-charge on their Web site.

Community Outreach and Communications: Beyond Benign coordinates outreach activities for all grade levels, including college. Participation in school fairs, presentations in the classroom and community-based events promoting green science, and science education are just a few of their program offerings.

Community College Resources: Some of the unique resources available from Beyond Benign are materials designed specifically for community colleges. These resources include safe lab practices and instructional tools for training technicians and scientists in green chemistry and in greener chemical process design.

Types of Educational Outreach Opportunities

Guest Speakers
Representatives for Career Fairs
Educator Education/Workshops
Student Workshops
Web Resources

Target Population

Grades: K-12
Postsecondary (including resources for community colleges)
Other: Industries

Academic Subjects Related to Activities

Communication (reading, writing, speaking)
Other: Real World Mathematics and Biotechnology



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