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Biogen Idec
133 Boston Post Road ♦ Weston, MA
STEM Contact: Amy Reilly ♦ (617) 464 - 2076 ♦


Business Description

Biogen Idec develops and manufactures biological products for the treatment of serious diseases with a focus on neurological disorders. It is the world's oldest independent biotechnology company with approximately 4,500 employees worldwide.

STEM Partnership Summary

Biogen Idec Community Lab

Biogen Idec established a teaching laboratory at one of Biogen Idec's research buildings in Cambridge. The Biogen Idec Community Lab provides the curriculum and space for students to engage in hands-on lab activities that focus on science and biotechnology.  The experience also provides students with the opportunity to interact with scientists and perform experiments with the latest lab equipment. Biogen Idec developed the lab activities collaboration with educators from Cambridge and Somerville. Examples of student activities include: examining their own DNA, checking to determine if a medication would be contraindicated for a patient, or transforming bacteria. The lab is open to middle and high school students and teachers, and offers one-day, multi-day and week-long programs, all at no cost to the community.  For more information, please contact: Tracy Callahan by phone: (617) 679-2698, or email: Website:


Biogen Idec offers several programs designed to help students launch their careers in biotechnology.  For college students majoring in both life science and non-science disciplines, the company offers internships that allow you to learn about biotechnology first-hand.


The company also offers a two-year Fellowship program in collaboration with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.


The Biogen Idec Foundation places a special emphasis on supporting innovative ways to promote science literacy and encourage young people to consider science careers.  For more information and to apply for grants visit:

You can also email the Foundation at


Biogen Idec also offers educational grants to medical schools, hospitals and community-based healthcare-related organizations in the therapeutic areas we serve.  For more information, visit:


Types of Educational Outreach Opportunities

Career Fairs
Educator Education/Workshops
Student Workshops
Grants or Foundation Opportunities

Target Population

Grades K-12

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