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Business Description

Genzyme is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, with headquarters in Cambridge MA. They employ approximately 10,000 employees worldwide.

STEM Partnership Summary

Scientists in the Schools (SiS)
Scientists in the Schools is a volunteer program aimed at building and enhancing relationships between Genzyme employees and local schools. Genzyme volunteers share their knowledge of biotechnology with the goal of increasing awareness of the industry through their outreach efforts. Genzyme volunteers participate in mentoring, science fairs, guest speaking and other school-based activities. To request a volunteer, please complete and submit this form: Volunteer Opportunities Posting Request (PDF).

U.S University Relations Program
The University Relations Program offers internships and co-op assignments in many of their U.S.-based facilities for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Specific areas include: life sciences, supply chain management, engineering, information technology, business development, and regulatory affairs. For more information visit: Genzyme’s U.S. University Relations Programs.

Guided Tours of Genzyme Center
The Genzyme Center in Cambridge is a model for sustainable building and conservation. The Center offers one-hour guided tours to educational groups, professional associations, and community organizations. These tours are led by trained, volunteer employees who provide a general overview of the building features. To schedule a guided tour, please call Genzyme’s Tours Information Line at 617-768-9303, or send an email to

Genzyme offers grants for non-profit organizations to support the growth and development of science education and health programs, and also sponsors selected school or community events. Visit Genzyme's Grants page for more information:

Types of Educational Outreach Opportunities

Guest Speakers
Representatives for Career Fairs
Mentor Programs
Cooperative Education (college level)
Advisory Board Representatives
Grants or Foundation Opportunities

Target Population

Grades K-12
Community Organizations (for tours)

Academic Subjects Related to Activities



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