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Organization Description

The Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd), founded in 2001, is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting science and biotechnology education in Massachusetts through school programs, workforce training, and lifelong learning.

STEM Partnership Summary


MassBioEd Foundation is closely affiliated with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), a membership organization that provides services and support to the Massachusetts biotechnology industry. MassBio’s mission is to foster a positive environment that enables each biotechnology company to achieve its full potential, making Massachusetts a world center for biotechnology. Because of MassBioEd’s unique relationship to the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and its more than five hundred member companies, MassBioEd is the premier link between biotechnology education and the industry.


MassBioEd Foundation provides a Web-based platform for bringing students, educators and employees from the biotechnology industry together through a number of searchable Web pages. Students can search for internships here:

Teacher Externships: MassBioEd offers a unique teacher database that enables teachers to search for externship opportunities in the field of biotechnology as well as related academic or technical fields. These externships are offered through the member organizations of the Mass Biotechnology Council.

Speakers Bureau: MassBioEd offers a brokering service for educators to identify guest speakers for both business representatives and educators.

Types of Educational Outreach Opportunities

Guest Speakers
Representatives for Career Fairs
Teacher Externships
Educator Education/Workshops
Grants or Foundation Opportunities
Web Resources
Other: Web search engine for biotechnology partnership networking

Target Population

Grades 9-12

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