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Business Description

Oracle is “the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company”.


STEM Partnership Summary

Oracle works to advance education with state-of-the-art technology programs and to prepare students for life and work in the 21st century. 


Oracle Academy: The Oracle Academy is one of the most comprehensive academic offerings in the IT industry, providing software, hosted software, technology and business curriculum, and certification resources to teachers in secondary and higher education institutions. The program delivers hands-on technical experience to prepare students for both IT and business careers, and provides faculty with professional development resources to further their own careers. Oracle offers steeply discounted pricing on Oracle University training to all non-profit educational institutions and Oracle Academy members.


Metro North educational institutions may elect to participate in any of the three program options, each of which costs $500 per educational institution:


  • Introduction to Computer Science: Designed for high schools, technical schools, and vocational schools, this option prepares faculty to teach their students database, programming, and business skills. Oracle also offers a rigorous professional development program within the Introduction to Computer Science option that prepares faculty to teach database design and programming curriculum. It includes ten weeks of online training and five days of in-class training, led by experienced Oracle Academy instructors.  A minimum of 30 educators is required for an Oracle representative to come to the Metro North area to conduct training.  If training is conducted elsewhere, participants may be eligible for Perkins funding to cover travel costs.

The following two programs provides university-level professors with an opportunity to use Oracle software applications as a teaching tool. 


  • Advanced Computer Science: Designed for university computer science departments, this option provides students with hands-on access to Oracle database and middleware software. For more information, click here:
  • Enterprise Business Applications: Designed for university computer science departments and business schools, this option provides students with hands-on access to Oracle applications software used in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. For more information, click here:

Internships: Oracle offers competitive college internships for students in computer science majors at their California headquarters only. Applications are due in January, and accepted students receive a number of benefits, including housing and travel expenses to Oracle's headquarters.



Types of Educational Outreach Opportunities

Educator Education/Workshops

Target Population

High School

Post Secondary


Academic Subjects Related to Activities

Software Development
Computer science


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